31 days at sea

Thanks to the guys at Duotraq everyone ‘back at base’ can keep an eye on our progress as we continue our row around the UK and of course it allows our followers to see our progress via this website, our Twitter and Facebook pages.

It’s also allowed Duotraq to gather some interesting stats about our journey so far (as of 25th June):

  • We’ve been at sea for 31 days
  • We’ve rowed 840 miles – that’s a little bit further than if we rowed in a straight line to Poznan in Poland from Bournemouth
  • We’ve been rowing for 192 hours
  • On average we row 27 miles a day although on one day we rowed 42 miles
  • Our average speed is 4 knots and top speed is 8 knots (approx. 9mph)

We are bowled over by the generosity of the people we meet when we stop each day both in terms of providing accommodation and berthing for Lexi May and of course we’re grateful for the support we’ve received a couple of times by the RNLI where they’ve helped us out when we’ve needed it most and its comforting knowing they’ll always be there as we continue our adventure.

So, thank you RNLI, thank you to the people who have put us and the Lexi May up, thank you to everyone supporting and helping us ‘back at base’ and most of all, thank you to everyone who has donated either via Virgin Money or by text.