Latest route, rowing progress and weather announcement

Due to the current strong winds and spring tides, together with more gale force winds forecast for the east coast of Ireland over the next few days, we have decided not to risk rowing Lexi May down the Irish Sea to Wexford and across 60 miles of open water to Milford Haven.

Instead, we are in the process of arranging to lift Lexi May out of the water at Malahide Marina and onto a trailer so we can bring her back to England and (weather permitting) continue rowing. 

Our original timescale for the challenge was 110 days – approximately three and a half months. Unfortunately this summer has thrown the worst weather at us in two decades, resulting in us losing 35 rowing days, which has put us massively behind schedule.

We now have a final completion date of Thursday 20th August at Bournemouth Air Show, where one way or another we will finish this gruelling challenge. Our new focus will be the total mileage we’ll have rowed around the UK coastline, which we anticipate will be somewhere around 1,600 to 1,700 miles. (2,560 to 2,720 kilometres)

In order to achieve the 20th August finish date, thereby releasing us back to our families and into paid work, it will unfortunately be necessary to tow the boat on land from Milford Haven down to the south coast.

We are extremely frustrated and absolutely gutted to be missing out on so many fantastic rowing passages between Milford Haven and the south coast, but trust that everyone who has supported, helped and encouraged us will understand the reasons for this change of route.

More updates to follow over the next few days…