UK Charity Row launch delay update

Those who joined us at Boscombe beach on Saturday and follow us on Twitter or Facebook will know that we didn’t set off on Saturday as planned.

1-IMG_0991Unfortunately the weather was against us Saturday and Sunday. We planned to set off early Monday morning, but when we carried out some test runs on Sunday discovered a micro-fracture in the hull. We therefore decided to get that fixed whilst in Bournemouth, so we didn’t set off Monday either.

Now we’ve got two days of strong winds which are hampering us further, but currently we’re planning on setting off on Thursday.

But, this has given us some more time for test runs. We think we’ve fixed the source of the leak and had a great outing yesterday and a chance to get some readings from the Duotraq  tracker:

Start Time: 11:49:35
End Time: 12:18:39
Distance: 1.92 mi
Duration: 29 minutes
Average Speed: 3 kn
Maximum Speed: 4 kn
Odometer: 4 to 6