Week 4: Leigh-on-Sea, Brightlingsea, Felixstowe, Southwold, Great Yarmouth

Saturday 23rd May – Leigh-on-Sea to Brightlingsea

Not quite the row we were anticipating – we knew we’d be rowing at night but not that it would take 12 hours and require a lifeboat to take one of us to hospital (read more about that here)

Sunday 24th May – Brightlingsea

Monday 25th May – Brightlingsea

Tuesday 26th May – Brightlingsea to Felixstowe

After a few days we headed off again, this time towards Felixstowe.

Wednesday 27th May – Felixstowe to Southwold

Thursday 28th May – Southwold to Great Yarmouth

Rowed past the most easterly point of the UK – Lowestoft

Friday 29th May – Great Yarmouth

The weather kept us in Great Yarmouth so no rowing today.