Week 6: Wainfleet, Saltfleet, a Bridlington rescue, Scarborough, Whitby and Hartlepool

Saturday 6th June – Wainfleet to Saltfleet

Leaving Wainfleet Haven en route to Saltfleet. 20-30mph winds, big water, nasty sandbars, 8 hour slog, epic rowing.

Sunday 7th June – Saltfleet

Monday 8th June – Saltfleet to Bridlington

Challenging day whilst attempting a 45 mile, 12 hr passage from Saltfleet (7 miles south of the Humber) to Bridlington. We were unable to maintain the average speed necessary to make Bridlington before nightfall, despite having all four of us rowing. This was due to the building of a nasty north easterly swell that reduced our boat speed, increased the distance rowed and made our contingency plan of landing the boat on the beach and camping for the night too dangerous to attempt. 

When the self steering began to fail due to low battery, we realised the Vhf was faulty and locked into permanent talk mode, which drained the power and meant we could hear the coastguard, but could not talk to them. With our backup handheld Vhf unable to hold it’s charge and doubt that the batteries would not power our navigation light and the swell increasing over two metres whilst making only 2 knots against the tide, we put in a precautionary mobile phone call to the coastguard to request a tow. The RNLI launched Withernsea lifeboat who very kindly began towing us towards Bridlington Harbour. After an hour and a half under tow from the Withernsea Rib, we rendezvoused with Bridlington Shannon class lifeboat who took us on board whilst they towed Lexi May to safety.

Tuesday 9th June – Bridglington

Spent some time today fixing the problems from the night before.

Wednesday 10th June – Bridlington to Scarborough

Thursday 11th June – Scarborough to Whitby

Friday 12th June – Whitby to Hartlepool