Week 7: Hartlepool, Sunderland, Blyth Harbour, Amble, Seahouses, Berwick, Eyemouth

Saturday 13th June – Hartlepool to Sunderland

Sunday 14th June – Sunderland

We’ve been helped by so many amazing people to get the boat on the water and have experienced a very warm welcome and generous hospitality along the way from everyone we’ve met – a massive thank you to all you lovely people!

Monday 15th June – Sunderland to Blyth Harbour

Tuesday 16th June – Blyth Harbour – Amble

Wednesday 17th June – Amble to Seahouses

We set of for Seahouses with a small dose of trepidation, the winds were gusting nearby 30mph, the limits of what we can still row at.  However we set off launching down the run to the harbour entrance, at this point the wind was behind us and so was the tide, so we hit 6 knots!  We shot into the open sea, the wind had kicked the water up into small choppy waves which rocked the boat and covered the crew in waves and sea mist. We plugged away into the wind, shortly we found ourselves in the lee of the land and flat water.

We tapped on eating up the miles towards Seahouses, when suddenly 2 miles short the wind shot up again, the waves came and tide turned against us!  With 3 rowers plugging away we only managed 1 knot! At that rate we would take over 2 hours to get to the harbour.  Luckily we could get 4 rowing and all pull at the oars with all our weight and strength manged just over 2 knots.  We pressed on for an hour, putting everything we had, legs aching, shoulder and back aching, stabbing pains lancing into our glutes from the continued pressure of every day rowing!

After what seemed a lifetime we made shelter in the harbour, and had arrived safely in Seahouses! Quick decamp of equipment we head out into town to find accommodations for the night.  As luck would have it 3 of the crew came up trumps with offers of accommodation from someone’s back garden, the RNLI building floor and a caravan in the Seafield Caravan park, winner of the best park in the UK 2 years running.  The crew relaxed into a well-earned rest in a bit of luxury!

Thursday 18th June – Seahouses

Friday 19th June – Seahouses to Berwick to Eyemouth

We’ve made it to Scotland!