Week 9: Peterhead, Fraserburgh, Banff, Buckie, Lossiemouth, Nairn and Inverness

Saturday 27th June – Peterhead to Fraserburgh

Sunday 28th June – Fraserburgh

3 miles out from Fraserburgh we hit strong westerly winds against the tide and torrential downpours. Immediately the waves started to build and we lost 1.5 knots of our speed. Crew decision to head back rather then risk a passage in conditions that were forecast to build throughout the day.

We lucked out with free accommodation at the Davron Hotel in Rosehearty near Fraserburgh thanks to Steen’s girlfriend Emily ringing around. A few beers, games of cards in the pub attached to the hotel, then boogied the night away to rock n roll covers thanks to a live band – fantastic!

Monday 29th June – Fraserburgh to Banff

Tuesday 30th June – Banff to Buckie

Hit by bad weather again! Strong winds meant we have pulled into Buckie after 15 miles and a long hard slog with a strong wind, but once again the hospitality has been amazing!

Wednesday 1st July – Buckie to Lossiemouth

We passed a major milestone of 900 miles but find ourselves three weeks behind schedule, due to adverse weather conditions, so we decided after much deliberation, local knowledge and advice from Charlie Pitcher that we will now continue our challenge through the Caledonian canal.

Thursday 2nd July – Lossiemouth to Nairn

Friday 3rd July – Nairn to Inverness

4am alarm call – only just managed to get out of Nairne after almost running out of water and having to scrape Lexi May over the rocks through the entrance! Thick fog, seals, dolphins and then at last sunshine and flat calm. Awesome day!